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        Vibratory Conveyors that can feed in both directions

        Conventional reversing belt conveyors are not new to the Food industry, what is new however, is their Vibratory Counterparts.

        The need for changing direction when conveying product is very real and has presented an issue for many processes. The real concern for the industry is hygiene and servicing of the equipment. In applying the simple and well-proven use of conveying through the use of vibration, Enmin has developed a Vibratory Reversing Conveyor that will satisfy many of the requirements of the Food Industry.

        As always the emphasis will be on cleanliness since the possibility of cross contamination of product is ever present in these industries. In overcoming the issues with conventional reversing belt conveyors the Vibratory Reversing unit suffers none of the inherent problems. Requiring a simple wipe down on the contact surfaces contamination is eliminated. Added to this benefit is the simplicity of design since no exposed rotating components are involved and therefore dramatically reducing the maintenance requirement.

        The Enmin Vibratory Reversing Conveyor employs a novel centrally positioned drive arrangement that delivers a balanced conveyor and with the linear supporting isolators it can be installed in a suspended mode or the more common installation of being base mounted.

        Controlling the direction of the conveyor is achieved by a signal to the electronic main module. A very short time delay is experienced usually a matter of a few seconds before the change in direction is completed.

        Noise is well within the EPA guidelines for machinery and coupled with the safety aspects, the Enmin Vibratory Reversing Conveyor satisfies all the requirements.

        In keeping with all equipment designed by Enmin Engineers for the Food and Allied industries the Reversing Conveyor is constructed in stainless steel.