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Truck Vibrators

Road vibration in the tray of a tip truck along with changing weather conditions, can cause the load to become compacted, making discharging the load difficult and some times dangerous.

Trying to unload stubborn material can waste time, be hazardous and impact on vehicle maintenance costs. Installing an Enmin truck vibrator can help solve these problems. It’s the smart way to improve profits through greater efficiency and reduced running costs.

Truck Vibrator Applications

Enmin offer an extensive range of Truck Vibrators that will provide a the most cost effective solution to improved load discharge and safety. The benefits of fitting a Truck Vibrator are numerous and these benefits extend across the Mining Industry, the Concrete and Quarry Industries, Truck and Fleet Owners and OEM’s!

Owner Drivers & Fleet Owners

An Enmin Truck Vibrator retro fitted to your tippers will prevent material compaction and provide a number of benefits to your business. Quicker delivery turnaround through more efficient unloading. Reduced carry back through a more efficient load dump and greater OH&S compliance through improved driver safety, eliminating the need for extreme elevation to dump a load.

The benefits are numerous and equate to greater efficiency, safety and profits to your business.

Mining, Concrete & Quarry

With the growing incidence of truck tipping incidents in the mining industry, an Enmin Truck Vibrator is the simple and cost effective solution to assisting with improving truck and driver safety.

An Enmin Truck Vibrator will address one of the major causes of these dangerous accidents which is load compaction and adhesion. Materials adhering to the truck tray can increase the risk of truck tipping. Fitting a Truck Vibrator requires lower elevation to dispense the load whilst the vibration breaks down material compaction and provides a more metered, controlled discharge flow and efficiency.

The benefits of using an Enmin Truck Vibrator

  • Tonnes of material elevated in a truck to 70% or greater radically changes the center of gravity, increasing the risk of tipping.  An Enmin Truck Vibrator allows the load to discharge at a lower level, reducing the risk of dangerous truck tipping accidents.
  • The discharge flow can be controlled providing faster more efficient unloading and a more even uniform discharge.
  • Carry back is eliminated as the load is fully discharged and tray virtually emptied, increasing productivity and profits.
  • Enmin truck vibrators will give you more loads per cycle and fewer cycles per job.  Reducing your costs in labour, fuel and vehicle wear.
  • Adding an Enmin truck vibrator will save you money on costly repairs.  Drivers don’t need to slam the brakes or pop the clutch to loosen the load, minimizing vehicle damage.
  • There’s no need for the driver to leave the cab and climb into the tray to clean or manually dislodge any stubborn material that wont come out.  Improving safety and reducing OH&S risks.
  • Enmin truck vibrators are fit and forget units that a fully sealed from dirt, dust and moisture. Shielded, over sized, permanently lubricated ball bearings assure exceptional service life in extreme conditions.


Enmin offers an extensive product range and will ensure you receive the very best product to suit your requirements. Our technical knowledge is second to none!