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        Transition to automation easy with Enmin’s new modular 3 in 1 package.

        Enmin, a leader in the manufacture of standard and custom designed materials handling systems, is combining three of their most popular modular products into a single automation package. It’s an in-house designed combination of a Storage Screener, Mi-CON Elevating Conveyor and Hopper Feeder that will completely automate a production line.

        “We recognised the industry demand for a flexible, reliable, cost-effective automation solution which is why we have developed this 3 in 1 package. It can be utilised by any food and ingredient manufacturing facility, particularly smaller processors,” said Enmin’s General Manager, Anthony Gallaher.

        Enmin’s Storage Screener provides a simple but effective way of storing, screening and sizing products to ensure uniformity. The base of the tray has a fixed or removable section of holes, slots or parallel bars. As the material moves over this section, undersized or oversized products can be removed before they enter the production stream.

        The compact electromagnetic Hopper Feeder is engineered to suit a variety of food production facility needs. This robust yet compact unit holds bulk dry food products and ingredients and consistently delivers the product at a metered rate.

        The Hopper Feeder significantly reduces manual handling and food wastage by hygienically storing and accurately delivering product to a secondary process and

        can be customised to meet a company’s exact requirement. It requires minimal maintenance and is built to withstand the demands of food production and handling.

        For maximum flexibility it can be updated as required with a range of options for future proofing the equipment.

        The elevating conveyor is one of Enmin’s most recent product developments. The Mi-CON (Modular Incline Conveyor System) is the first hygienically designed full wash down system ever to offer multiple standardised components. The running gear and all components are constructed with 304 stainless steel and FDA approved.

        Like all Enmin products, these three components are designed and manufactured in Australia. They have been constructed to meet the toughest WH&S standards whilst maintaining the highest quality and reliability that Enmin is known for.

        “One of the key benefits of this modular automation package is that it eliminates equipment redundancy and expands with the customer’s business. It can be added to, extended and modified in the years ahead as a company’s production needs evolve,” Mr Gallaher said.

        For production ease, all three components can be electrically connected so they are ‘talking to each other,’ further minimising operator workload. They can also be easily moved to other production lines providing maximum flexibility.

        “Our new package will empower food manufacturers to take the next step and automate their production line and enjoy multiple benefits including significantly improved production efficiencies and reduced labour costs,” Mr Gallaher added.

        For a limited time, Enmin are offering free delivery Australia wide on the automation package for all orders placed before the end of 2022.