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Vibratory Tables

Product Description

Enmin model EVT vibratory compaction tables are designed to consolidate material in a variety of enclosures from bulk bags to small satchels of soup powder. By consolidating material substantial saving can be made from reduction in transport costs through to avoiding damage to packaging or minimising the size of packaging.

Enmin EVT vibratory compaction tables are available in standard sizes but in addition a variety of designs are offered that will address the specific needs of industry. In terms of bulk materials by consolidation prior to closure some 23% more efficient use of the packaging space is achievable. The most common type is our FT flat top table. Where height constraints are present, our OB outboard design is used. Some applications require weighing as filling takes place, here out WT weigh top which incorporates a scale platform is engineered to suit. Other applications may call for automatic conveying to the filling, compaction and weighing station, for these our WGT is available.

Enmin EVT vibratory compaction tables can be constructed in carbon steel with a painted finish or hot dipped galvanised, some special uses in the food industry require stainless steel fabrications. Testing of any representative product sample will determine the frequency of vibration to achieve the best results.