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        Spiral Elevating Conveyor


        Vibratory Spiral Elevators are the solution when there is a need for conveying products and raw materials vertically up to higher levels or conversely, bring them down to near ground level.  The major benefits to food processors is the minimum foot print they require, their ease of cleaning and virtually maintenance free operation.

        The issues with the more traditional methods of elevating products and materials have long been recognized, this equipment has served a purpose.  However, for those companies seeking a superior replacement, the Vibratory Spiral Elevator is the answer.

        Restrictions in conveying material up an incline has been overcome by utilizing the powerful acceleration of vibratory motors combined with a specially engineered spiral flight path.   The result is the positive movement of material within the spiral, taking product from the in-feed point to the elevated discharge.

        The profile of the spirals ensures no spillage during the process and the open design permits easy visual inspection as well as wash or wipe down when changing product or during maintenance.

        Enmin’s Spiral Elevating Feeders have no nip points or exposed rotating parts, therefore delivering a very safe method of conveying.   Noise levels usually associated with vibration can be dismissed, since the drive motors only register some 70dBa in operation even under full load.

        Constructed in stainless steel, this impressive piece of equipment is engineered to handle a wide range of tonnages across various materials and products. The standard designs offered, provide elevations of up to 7 metres and the compact arrangement is offered with a base or overhead drive, the latter only being required where a minimum in-feed is present.

        Specializing in Vibratory Equipment, Enmin can provide Accumulation Hopper Feeders to accurately meter product or material into the Vibratory Spiral Elevator and likewise at the discharge where product must be delivered to multi head weighing or processing hoppers.

        In either case the accuracy of Enmin’s Vibratory Equipment provides a balanced seamless conveying and accumulation system.  Electronic controls are easily interlocked with adjacent systems and the mechanical installation requirement for the Vibratory Spiral Elevator is a simple bolt down facility.

        Spiral Elevating Conveyor

        Spiral Elevating Conveyor