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Tubular Trays

Tubular Trays

Product Description

Tubular Trays have the distinct advantage of being able to convey dusty materials such as milk powder. The material conveying process being totally enclosed means no product contamination can occur, a highly important consideration in the handling of powdered food stuffs or ingredients. Typically Tubular Trays will be selected where powdered materials need to be blended in a dust free environment.

Since no moving parts such as screws are involved, no contamination can take place, secondly almost no maintenance is required apart from cleaning. Product enters the Tubular Tray through a special flexible sleeve to avoid transmission of vibrations to adjacent equipment, and likewise at the discharge. Quick action clamps facilitate inspection and cleaning ports at each end of the Tubular Tray, therefore when a change of product occurs, this can be achieved without the use of tools.  Constructed in stainless steel the tubular tray is available in a rage of surface finishes. During the conveying process there is no degradation of the product, which is discharged in the same condition as entering the Tubular Tray. Material flow ability will determine the feeding rates and therefore the dimensions of the tray.