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Product Description

Enmin model ETC vibratory tube conveyors offer a unique method of transporting bulk materials where dust or product contaminations are issues. These totally enclosed conveyors have no mechanical parts like screw or belt conveyors and are ideally suited to highly abrasive materials, bulk food materials, chemicals and fertilisers.

Enmin ETC vibratory tube conveyors can be floor mounted or used in a suspended mode such as underneath hoppers or silos. A flexible sleeve is used at the inlet and outlet to avoid transmission of vibration to adjacent steel work or machinery. Inspection ports at each end of the conveyor provide an easy maintenance option for cleaning. A number of product inlet ports can be utilised where mixing of materials is desirable. During the conveying process no degradation of product takes place and for extremely dusty materials dust extraction points are easily installed.  Standard designs are offered with distances of up to 7 meters catered for. Where highly abrasive materials are being conveyed our flexible design allows the conveying tube to be rotated as wear takes place.

Construction of the Enmin ETC vibratory tube conveyor is generally in carbon steel, abrasive resistant pipe or stainless steel for applications in the food and allied industries.