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Truck Vibrators

Product Description

Enmin D.C. Electric Vibrators have many uses with mobile plant and can be found around the world solving problems in Tipping Trucks to agriculture Spreaders. A range of models are offered to suit tray bodies from 40 foot in length to small applications in spreading fertilisers. These vibrators are powered by industrial DC motors that will operate from both 24 volt and 12 volt power supply depending on what the mobile plant has available. Through the high speed of the DC motors, the centrifugal forces generated are significant and will move the most stubborn compacted materials usually found with tipping trucks.

Although the output forces are great the Enmin D.C. Vibrator need only be in operation for a matter of seconds to complete the task of moving materials. The operation is controlled from the cabin of the mobile plant and complete installation kits are supplied as standard.

Enmin D.C. Vibrators are solving problems on any type of tipping truck, bottom dumpers, side dumpers, spreaders, mobile conveyor dischargers, vacuum cleaning trucks and any form of mobile plant with storage hoppers.   Road vibration over distances causes material compaction.  These vibrators are the simple answer to assisting discharge, reducing carry back and importantly reducing the risk of dangerous truck tipping accidents.