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Rotary Electric Vibrators

Product Description

Enmin Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors are engineered to suit the most arduous of conditions found in the Mining environment through to applications within the Food Industries. The out of balance design uses the power of centrifugal force  which when bolted to any fixture generates calculated vibrations that can employed to move compacted materials or as a driving force for Vibratory Equipment.

Enmin Rotary Electric Vibrators are available as single or three phase configurations to suit most standard line voltages and current supply. Encompassing 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole designs with output forces ranging from 0.5 kN to  a massive  185 kN  there is a motor to meet every requirement.  Certified under ISO 9001, standard the Enmin Rotary Electric Vibratory Motor is available as IP 55 and IP 65 rating, all featuring heavy duty sealed bearings.  The simple but accurate method of adjusting the out of balance weights makes these motors a very versatile tool.

There are two main applications for Enmin Electric Vibratory Motors, one ,their use on Bins, Hoppers and Silos to assist with unblocking of compacted materials and the other, as a Vibratory Force for driving Vibratory Feeders, Vibratory Conveyors, Vibratory Screeners and Vibratory Compaction Tables.