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Rectangular Trays

Rectangular Trays

Product Description

The rectangular tray is the most common design and is available in standard sizes to suit each of the Enmin Electromagnetic Drives. The dimensions quoted are based on our weight and size ratios that will deliver the best possible throughput rates for any given product. By keeping these ratios in perspective the Vibratory Feeders will perform the required task as well as providing a long lasting operational service with the absolute minimum of maintenance.

Our principle of lightweight design coupled with strength permits us to offer the best possible options for each of the Enmin Electromagnetic Drives. The throughputs achievable with these trays and drives is always dependant of the convey ability characteristics of the specific product. From our designs we can predict the amplitudes that can be achieved and converting this to the conveying speed for a particular product we can predict the feed rates that will be possible. Offering conveying rates based on free flowing sand will have no relationship to handling sticky dried fruit for example.

Enmin Rectangular Trays are available usually in stainless steel with surface coating or special finishes for special applications. They are engineered to meet with HACCP requirements for the food industry.