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Motor Feeders

Product Description

Enmin Model EMF Vibratory Feeders are available in a range of standard models with numerous general applications for many industries. The robust design makes them ideal for handling bulk materials in industries from mining to quarrying, as well as extensive uses in the food industry.

The length of the feeders varies from 1 to 5 metres in length.

Usually constructed in stainless steel, the EMF unit can be base mounted or suspended depending on the installation requirements.

These vibratory feeders are ideal for installations under hoppers where they will handle high head loads unlike their electromagnetic counterparts. The electromechanical drive arrangement can deliver up to 6g acceleration and give greater conveying speeds. By utilizing our special frequency controllers the conveying speeds are easily adjustable electronically.  The overall design of these feeders may incorporate pneumatically operated discharge gates in the longer versions, directional inserts for product tracking into lanes or special discharge features.

The range of applications is extensive since the Vibratory Feeders are all constructed to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry. They are totally safe around operators for example where used as product inspection conveyors. Noise is never an issue since the drive unit only generates  around 65 dBa.