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Modular Conveyors (Mi-CON)

Modular Conveyors (Mi-CON)

Product Description

The Conveyor System
that will grow with
your business!

Introducing Mi-CON.

Mi-CON Conveyor System

Enmin’s Modular Incline Conveyor System (Mi-CON) is the first full wash down system to offer standardised components, that can be delivered in a box!

It is the only conveyor system on the market that can be delivered in a box, flat packed or assembled.  Giving you the flexibility to choose the delivery option that will best suit your business capabilities, ensure easy cost effective delivery and simple installation.

  • Mi-CON eliminates equipment redundancy and expands with your business,
  • It can be added to, extended and modified in the years ahead, as your production requirements evolve.
  • This system provides maximum flexibility to suit your product and production needs now and into the future.
  • Suitable for any food and ingredient manufacturing facility.
  • Features FDA approved components.

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