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Isolation Mounts

Isolation Mounts

Product Description

Enmin Isolators offer the greatest possible spring deflection under load due to the unique lever connection to the four rubber elements and therefore offers a very low natural frequency.  Thanks to this mean natural frequency, isolation values of around 98% are readily achieved.

One of the main attributes of the Enmin Isolator over conventional spring isolators is its remarkable control. During operation the Enmin Isolator provides a smooth regular motion in the vertical and longitudinal directions and at the same time restraining any side ways swaying motion. During start up and stopping of the Enmin Vibratory Machine these Isolators deliver a progressive damping which in turn regulates peak deflections and forces. This feature is of particular importance when the vibrating machine slows through the point of resonance where excessive movement of the vibrating machine will be experienced. The Enmin Isolator has the ability to control the action of the machine.

The range of Enmin Isolators is available to accommodate small to heavy duty Vibrating Machines and can be retro fitted to existing equipment. The design allows the vibrating equipment to be base mounted or suspended. Enmin Isolators are supplied as standard painted finish, but can also be produced in stainless steel versions for special applications.