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Hopper Feeders

Product Description

Enmin model EHF has addressed the issue with the storage of bulk materials and the ability to meter the product to subsequent equipment such as a bucket elevator.

Problems associated with accumulation conveyors can be overcome with the Enmin EHF where issues such as cross contamination and hygiene are present.

The Enmin Hopper Feeder is a combination of our EMF design but incorporating a product accumulation facility and adjustable gating from the unit.

In addition features such as level indicators and de-dusting/screening sections add to the versatility of the Enmin EHF unit. Where bagged product is being loaded a hooded bag support and slitting facility can be incorporated. Usually constructed in stainless steel to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry, the EHF model can be offered in a carbon steel design with food grade painting or as a hot dipped galvanized finish for corrosive applications. The Enmin EHF Hopper Feeder is available in standard models and varying accumulation capacities.

The Enmin Hopper Feeder has been successfully applied in the handling of frozen fish, bulk confectionery, plastic and metal parts, dried fruits, etable nuts and vegetables. Due to the design and use of our special isolators the Enmin Hopper Feeder can be provided with lock down wheels for portable operations.