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Frequency Controllers

Product Description

Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders all suffer from the inherent problem of tuning to get the best possible performance since the two components of a machined base and a fabricated tray or bowl presents a non regular assembly. Tuning of Vibratory Feeders has been regarded as a black art since feel and experience has been a requirement.

With the introduction of the Enmin FQIN Frequency Controller this tuning problem has disappeared. The digital Frequency Controller has the ability to quickly search for the correct resonance frequency and combined with the amplitude control delivers the best possible conveying rates for the Vibratory Feeding Device.

The Enmin FQIN Frequency Controller is built to IP55 standard and fully complies with European standards for electromagnetic compatibility. Standard on each controller are functions for operational feed back load sensors, delay start and stop and a digital read out giving fault finding and operational information.


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