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Fines Removal Trays

Fines Removal Trays

Product Description

To accommodate the need for the removal of unwanted particles form the material stream prior to packaging or blending is the role for our Fines Removal Trays. As material is conveyed during the vibratory feeding process fine material will tend to the bottom of the flow. Prior to discharge a special section of the base of the tray will have a fixed or removable section of holes, slots or parallel bars. As the material moves over this section these smaller particles will be removed and deposited into a central collection port which can be above recovery container or vacuum head for automatic disposal. Where very dusty materials are conveyed a clear plastic cover can be included.

Once material passes the fines removal section it is discharged into further processing. The length of the fines removal section will be dependant on the percentage of product to be rejected. Likewise the screen sections holes, slots, or parallel bars will be determined by the size of the particles to be removed. In the case of the removable fines section being changeable this is accommodated by having a bolt in, clamped or slide arrangement, where differing materials are being conveyed or cleaning is necessary on a regular basis.