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    CV8F (8A)

    CV8F (8A)

    Product Description

    Stabilized professional controller, compact, economic, current till to 6,3A (CV6F) RMS, 8A RMS(CV8F), 10A RMS(CV10F) in metallic or plastic box, only circuit or circuit with support DIN35 with external potentiometer.

    General Characteristics

    Voltage (110V) 230V or 400V, 50/60 Hz • 3000/6000 Vib/Min • Automatic input 0/10V-0/20mA • Multiple ON/OFF input • Slow/fast ramp • Reg. vibration min/max Manual/Automatic • Line input with schuko plug • Vibrator output with connector.


    Regulation of linear and circular vibrators till 6,3/8/10 Amps with automatic input (PLC).


    Box IP65 (NEMA 4/4X) • INOX Box • Personalized label • Double speed • Connector for vibrator Available with PRX92-PRX99 circuits for NPN-PNP sensor.

    Electrical Specifications

    Tension of Feeding:(115) 230 V or 400V ± 20% – 50/60 Hz
    Consumption:1,5 W max
    Current Max:6,3/8/10A (RMS)
    Load Min:50 mA (RMS)
    Frequency of Vibration:3.000/6.000 V/min (50 Hz) RC-AC
    Time of Ramp:0,1 sec. / 1 sec. (modifiable)
    Regulation Min.:80 V ± 30% (230V) 140 V ± 30% (400V)
    Regulation max:220 V - 30% (230V) 380 V - 30% (400V)
    On/Off:free voltage contact/voltage signal 0/24Vcc
    Input Consumption Autom. 0/10V:1mA max
    Input Impedance 0-10V/0-20mA: 50 Komh-50 omh
    Degree of Protection:IP55 in box (IP65-NEMA4-4X)
    Temperature of Storage:-10°C / +80°C
    Temperature of Operation:-5°C / +55°C
    European Norms:EMC CE
    Guarantee:1 year (from date on circuit)

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