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        RF4PWM – 4A

        Enmin Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders are operated via a range of Electronic Controllers that provide each Vibratory Feeder or a combination of Feeders with the option of varying the conveying conditions or feeding rates.  Enmin Electronic Controllers are provided as a stabilized circuit with onboard minimum and maximum trimming, remote switching, slow and fast ramping on start up and inbuilt electrical protection facilities as standard.

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        Microprocessor digital professional controller with visualized frequency (optional) – Delay 4 sec max ON/OFF vibrator with sensor NPN/PNP or relay contact – alarm absence pieces (8 sec.) – air blow. Automatic Input from PLC 0/10V-0/20mA – Status Relay.

        General Characteristics

        Voltage (110V) 230V, 50-60 Hz • Double Input ON/OFF • Soft/fast ramp • Manual Regulation Amplitude/Frequency(30/80Hz- 80/130Hz) • 3000/6000 V/m • Line input with schuko plug • Vibrator output with connector.


        Digital regulation of linear and bowl feeder till 4 Amps. The RF4 PWM allows optimizing operation of the vibratory feeder by searching for its resonance frequency (max performance) thereby eliminating its lengthy and difficult mechanical calibration.


        Personalized label • Connector for vibrator • Display Frequency Meter • Available Frequency Regulation by inside trimmer • Frequency regulation with knob blocked or with keys.

        RF4PWM – 4A