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Product Description

Model EMA-LD3 is perhaps the most versatile of our models and offers surprising high throughput rates. As a production type Vibratory Feeder, it will satisfy numerous applications in dosing, metering, bulk delivery and  weighing or counting stations. It has been successfully incorporated into long vibratory feeders including 90 degree bends.

Enmin Electromagnetic Drives (EMA) utilise the power of magnetic forces to generate energy to the conveying tray of the Vibratory Feeder. The cyclic operation is simply controlled from a range of electronic devices that will vary the feeding rate in a manner to suit the specific duty.

They have been designed to meet the high standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries, their 24/7 operation and to allow flexibility in accepting trays of various lengths and shapes.

Within other industries the these drives are equally suitable in virtually any industry that handles dry bulk material, processed products or parts.  They have been successfully utilised in the metals, ceramics, chemical and plastics industries in an extensive array of applications.

Enmin EMA Drive LD 3 Medium

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