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Conical Trays

Conical Trays

Product Description

Conical Trays have the ability to direct conveyed material accurately into the central receivable section of multi head weighing machines, where a consistent product flow is necessary to ensure the machine will perform to its designed weighing and filling capacity.

The specially contoured discharge section directs the material in a progressive manner from the sides of the tray into the open cone of the discharge. By using the correct angles material slides in a captured flow to be directed onto the distribution head of the multi head weighing machine. Through its open design discharge material can never jam and the operation of the Enmin Vibratory Feeder means a constant stream of product is delivered. Secondly the open design permits ease of cleaning. The parameters for the discharge will be dependant on the product size and shape, and the design of the weigh head distributor plate.  Construction of the Conical Trays is in stainless steel and engineered to the HACCP standard for food requirements. Handling of some difficult products such as dried fruit or frozen vegetables is overcome by special surface finished materials or coatings to reduce friction.