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Bias Discharges

Bias Discharges

Product Description

Bias discharge trays are particularly useful where the Enmin Vibratory Feeder is discharging into a bucket elevator. Feeding the elevator at 90 degrees to the belt means the tray length usually can be shorter and in some case can result in a smaller drive being acceptable. The overall arrangement especially where a product accumulation hopper is also required, is much neater when positioned at 90 degrees.

The cut angle of the bias tray is variable and we have long determined the correct manner to deal with the changes in the structural fabrication of the tray, to guarantee a uniform discharge. In the case of feeding a bucket elevator the buckets can be accurately loaded with out spillage and ensuring the best spread of product to maximize the throughput. The second most important application is in the delivery of a uniform flow of product to another vibratory feeder or belt conveyor. Due to the accuracy of the Enmin Vibratory Feeder’s delivery, a curtain of product can be obtained which may be used to add seasoning or toppings to products on a conveyor belt. Another useful application is in the feeding of inspection conveyors where product needs to be spread across the belt for ease of removal of reject pieces.