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    Bag Conditioner Conveyor

    Bag Conditioner Conveyor

    Product Description

    The role of the Bag Conditioner is to assist with conditioning the bag to achieve the maximum net volume of material in the bag and secondly in the case of smaller bags, shaping the bag to permit safe loading of pallets.

    No matter what the product, the process of filling flexible bags is always achieved from some form of vertical filling machine. As a result the filling process it will always produce a bag that is out of shape. The bag may be 25 kg in weight or 1000kg, the problem of shape will always remain. This then presents a secondary problem when attempting to pack the bags on a pallet or into a transport container.

     Benefits to your Business

    • Improved bag presentation for packaging
    • Reduction in transportation cost through greater shipper utilization
    • Low packaging costs
    • Multiple weight and bag sizes
    • Improved production efficiency

    bag conditioner conveyor