X-Ray Inspection for Horizontal Products

        Antares Vision Group’s X-ray inspection systems for horizontal products ensure the detection of various contaminants, including glass, stones, metals, and bones, even through metalised packaging. These systems feature high-precision technology, user-friendly interfaces, and compliance with Industry 4.0 standards, providing reliable quality control for unpackaged and packaged goods in flow-packs, cases, and trays.

        X-Ray Inspection for Vertical Products

        A wide range of X-ray inspection systems with a lateral ray – for products developed in height such as briks, plastic bottles, standing cases, square-based vertical envelopes, etc. Antares Vision Group inspection systems represent the highest level of the security obtainable from control quality devices inserted in industrial production lines.

        X-Ray Inspection for Bulk Products

        The XR Bulk Free Fall is the first model on the market to combine effective product handling through a vertical pipe with the inspection power of X-ray technology. This innovative system ensures efficient product distribution and uniform thickness during inspection. Designed to accommodate the vertical fall of the product, it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the processing plant while maintaining a compact size.

        X-ray Inspection Special Configurations

        Years of experience in the field have led to the creation of special configurations, which respond to particular and complex needs: systems with tangential belts, double and triple lane solutions with differentiated rejection systems.

        X-ray + Checkweigher

        The Antares Vision Group X-Ray + Checkweigher will detect a wide variety of foreign bodies and identify packages out of weight tolerance. Available in top-down X-ray format for horizontal products including pillow packs, cases and trays and side beam X-ray for vertical products such as bottles and jars.


        Antares Vision Group ALL-IN-ONE Series allows you to select individual inspection modules and integrate them into the one machine to perfectly fit your need and guarantee your product’s compliance. Choose from X-ray, checkweigher, leak, seal, code, label inspection and more.