Checkweighers with side belts

        Perfect for vertical and particularly unstable formats, this solution is designed to excel in high-speed lines where high performance is essential. The infeed side belts stabilise your products before weighing, while the outfeed belts ensure a smooth transition to the next machine. The tangential belts, controlled by the central unit, can be easily adjusted in height and width using handwheels, making format changes a breeze.

        Dual lane Checkweigher

        Introducing an advanced solution for checking product weight on a double lane without needing two separate systems. The weighing module features two parallel control units, each with its own operator interface, allowing simultaneous yet independent management of both lines. The double lane can be adjusted to match the specific wheelbases of your lines and customised rejection modules, like tilting belts or double ejection cylinders in opposite positions, can be implemented to suit your needs.

        Multi-lane Checkweigher for packaged products

        Featuring two or more lanes, this unit is ideal for checking packaged products of various sizes and formats, such as bags, trays, and cases. Interaction with the system can be done through a single operator panel or multiple separate panels for each lane. Communication protocols, MID approvals, remote assistance, and independent reject systems—such as tilting belts—can be implemented for each channel.

        Multi-lane Checkweighers for unpackaged products

        Designed for unpackaged items like bread, pizzas, and doughs, the multi-lane checkweighers handle raw, pre-cooked, fresh, and frozen products. They offer single or remote control via communication protocols, integrating seamlessly with line systems. Features include feedback management and deviation control, with custom configurations to fit your production lines.

        Checkweighers for raw dough

        Specially configured to ensure precise portioning of raw dough, optimising weight consistency after cooking. Installed right after the divider, they use feedback to adjust for variations in mixture, temperature, and density, maintaining target weight without any operator intervention.

        Dynamic weighing module

        Dynamic and Stop&Go weighing module designed for OEM applications in filling, packing and cartoning machines. It features custom embedded electronics with communication protocols. Its modular design allows versatile use across various work areas, delivering high precision and speed, even with MID approval. Constructed from stainless steel, the modular structure is fully customisable, ensuring durability and robust protection, even in challenging environments.