Antares Vision Group ALL-IN-ONE Series allows you to select individual inspection modules and integrate them into the one machine to perfectly fit your need and guarantee your product’s compliance. Choose from X-ray, checkweigher, leak, seal, code, label inspection and more.

        Metal Detector + Checkweigher

        Our new ‘2-in-1’ metal detector and checkweigher will ensure any metal contaminants are removed and weight correctness is confirmed. Manufactured by European inspection equipment specialist Antares Vision Group, the modular design enables the machines to fit seamlessly into any existing production line.

        X-ray + Checkweigher

        The Antares Vision Group X-Ray + Checkweigher will detect a wide variety of foreign bodies and identify packages out of weight tolerance. Available in top-down X-ray format for horizontal products including pillow packs, cases and trays and side beam X-ray for vertical products such as bottles and jars.