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        New innovation in bag discharge

        Whether its cement powder, food ingredients or dairy powder, many companies receive ingredients in 25 kg bags and deal with the challenge of implementing processes to efficiently open the bag and discharge the product within their production processes.

        The most common approach is an enclosed wire screen on which the bag is rested on and an operator manually slits the bag discharging the contents.

        This process has numerous issues, including OH&S risks from repetitive strain injury, operator efficiency, interruption and risk of the product (particularly when it’s a food product) being exposed to contamination, dust and other environmental factors.

        There are a number of fully enclosed bag discharge stations that can automate the process however, they are extremely costly, require on going costly maintenance and must be imported from overseas.

        Years of industry experience and know-how has equipped Enmin to develop new innovation to meet this market need.  Using vibratory conveying and screening, Enmin’s new Bag Discharge Station contains an inbuilt cutting head, that allows bags to be effortlessly opened, bringing a new level of cost and process efficiency to the more traditional and costly methods used until now.

        Conveying with vibratory equipment is well proven, particularly in the food and allied industries, and this exciting new product innovative provides a far more cost effective approach.  The equipment comprises of a simple flat belt conveyor that can be manually or automatically loaded with full bags sending them onto the vibratory conveying system.  Bags are effectively slit during the vibratory conveying process and the released product is conveyed to the discharge chute at the end of the system.

        The discharged product goes through a screening platform that effortlessly captures unwanted material and breaks down unwanted lumps in the process.  An additional benefit that’s not systematically available with current equipment methods.

        The bag is subject to continuous vibration through the process ensuring complete discharge of the bag’s contents onto the screening platform.  The empty bag can be either manually removed or where automation is required, via a simple pick and place robotic arm.

        To ensure operator safety, the cutting head is safely protected by an enclosed locked cage that prevents unauthorised entry.

        This exciting and innovative new piece of vibratory equipment offers a safer and more cost effective process that lends itself to use with many dry product powders and ingredients.  All contact surfaces are stainless steel for ease of cleaning making the equipment highly suitable for use within hygienic materials handling environments such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

        The benefits of this exciting new equipment design are many.  It’s the only one of its kind Australian designed and manufactured making it a far more cost effective and efficient alternative to what’s currently available overseas.  To add to this, it requires minimal maintenance and is highly suitable for hygienic processing environments such as the food industry. Its use however, will be highly beneficial within many industries where ever systematic bag opening procedures are a necessary part of the materials handling process.

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