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        Extensive conveyor range another part of Enmin’s equipment portfolio

        Whilst Victorian-based Enmin is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of vibratory equipment, perhaps less well known is the extensive range and types of conveyors they also manufacture. These include models that improve bag presentation to maximise net volume, improve packing utilisation and reduce shipping costs.

        Innovation is one of Enmin’s core capabilities and this is no better demonstrated than with their Mi-CON modular conveyor – the first ever hygienically designed full wash-down system to offer multiple standardised components.

        “The key benefit of the Mi-CON modular system is that it eliminates equipment redundancy and expands with the customer’s business. It can be added to, extended and modified in the years ahead as a company’s production needs evolve,” Enmin’s General Manager, Anthony Gallaher said.

        The flexible modular design coupled with a range of standard parts and components, ensures suitability for multiple applications. Mi-CON is the only conveyor system on the market that can be delivered flat packed in a box, allowing fast and cost-effective delivery and simple installation by the customer’s maintenance team.

        It can also be delivered to the customer partially complete or fully complete for quicker installation and commissioning. The Mi-CON is available in Plus, Mini and Reversing models.

        Other Enmin conveyors include Accumulation, Bag Flattening and Compaction models.

        Accumulation Conveyors serve two prime functions: one being bulk storage of product and the other having the ability to slowly meter the product into subsequent handling operations.  Numerous applications benefit from the use of an Accumulation Conveyor. In many cases avoiding double handling with conventional storage bins or damage to the product is sufficient reason to incorporate an Accumulation Conveyor into a production line.

        Anyone involved with vertical bag filling, knows that in many cases the result is a pear-shaped bag which causes subsequent packaging into cartons or onto pallets more difficult. To overcome this problem the Enmin Bag Flattening Conveyor when incorporated into the conveyor line automatically shapes the filled bag using Enmin’s unique controlled vibration and pressure action. This in turn provides a reduction in transportation costs through greater space utilization.

        Any filling process will always produce a bag that is out of shape. The bag may be 25 kg in weight or 1000kg, the problem of shape will always remain. This then presents a secondary problem when attempting to pack the bags on a pallet or into a transport container.

        The role of the Bag Compaction Conveyer is to assist with shaping and conditioning the bag to achieve the maximum net volume of material thereby maximising profit. This process in turn improves bag presentation for packaging and a reduction in transportation costs through greater space utilisation.

        All Enmin conveyors are manufactured to comply with the stringent hygiene standards of the Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. The simplicity of the design results in ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance. Like all Enmin products their robust construction guarantees outstanding reliability and durability.

        “Our range of conveyors can be integrated into any production line and are designed to maximise production efficiencies and condition bags for optimum volume content and improved packing utilisation. Coupled with our extensive range of vibratory equipment, drives and controllers we can design a complete materials handling line for just about any application and environment,” Mr Gallahar concluded.