Motor Feeder

        Our Motor Feeders are electromechanical vibratory units designed for optimal bulk material handling across various industries, including mining, quarrying, and food processing. Available in lengths ranging from 1 to 5 metres, these feeders are capable of managing high head loads. Typically constructed from stainless steel, they can be either base mounted or suspended. Noise is not a concern, as the drive unit operates at approximately 65 dBa. Equipped with special frequency controllers, these feeders allow for electronic adjustment of conveying speeds. Their extensive range of applications and operator safety make them an ideal choice for numerous industrial needs.

        Hopper Feeder

        We specialise in designing and manufacturing Hopper Feeders used for the storage and metering of bulk materials across various industries. Our design incorporates several features, including adjustable gating, level indicators, de-dusting/screening sections, and facilities for bag support and slitting. It is suitable for the food industry and has been employed in handling frozen fish, bulk confectionery, plastic and metal parts, dried fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Additionally, they can be equipped with lock-down wheels for portable operations.

        Motor Screener

        Our Motor Screeners are linear product screeners designed to de-lump, size, or remove fines or rejects from products. There are two designs based on usage: one features a flat bed screening function, while the other has a contoured screen bed with longitudinal tensioning. Constructed in stainless steel with various surface finishes, these screeners are suitable for a range of industries, including food and allied sectors. Screen panels can be made of woven wire, punched plate, wedge wire, or special rod screens. With quick-release covers, the motor screeners are easy to clean and change over with minimal use of tools.

        Tube Conveyor

        Our Tube Conveyors provide an effective and efficient solution for transporting bulk materials. These fully enclosed conveyors, with no mechanical parts, are ideal for handling highly abrasive materials, bulk food products, chemicals, and fertilisers. They can be floor-mounted or suspended, such as beneath hoppers or silos. To prevent the transmission of vibration to surrounding steel structures or machinery, a flexible sleeve is used at the inlet and outlet. For dusty materials, dust extraction points can be easily installed. The conveyors are generally constructed from carbon steel, abrasive-resistant pipe, or stainless steel. Standard designs can handle distances of up to 7 metres. The flexible design allows for rotation of the conveying tube when transporting highly abrasive materials.

        Reversing Feeder

        Our Reversing Feeders and Conveyors offer a safe and hygienic alternative to screw feeders or belt conveyors. These vibratory systems are enclosed to prevent dust and cross-contamination, while their open trough design ensures easy cleaning. Constructed from stainless steel, they comply with the high standards of HACCP. The reversing feeders and conveyors are versatile, suitable for various applications such as filling twin bulk bag stations, feeding side-by-side multi-head weigh stations, and providing reject stations following metal detection.

        Spiral Elevating Conveyor

        Our Spiral Elevating Feeders are a superior alternative to traditional methods for conveying products and materials up an incline. They require a minimal footprint, are easy to clean, and operate virtually maintenance-free. The powerful acceleration of vibratory motors, combined with a specially engineered spiral flight path, enables the equipment to move product from the in-feed point to the elevated discharge. Constructed from stainless steel, this impressive equipment can handle a wide range of tonnages and materials, with elevations of up to 7 metres, and features a base or overhead drive. Electronic controls can be easily interlocked with adjacent systems, while the mechanical installation requires only a simple bolt-down facility. We can also provide accumulation hopper feeders to accurately meter product or material into the vibratory spiral elevator at both the in-feed and discharge points.

        Bag Compaction Table

        Our Bag Compaction Table is designed to meet all Australian health and safety standards. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, it features a safety clutch for operator protection. This table aids in conditioning bags to achieve maximum net volume and ensures they are properly shaped for safe pallet loading. It offers multiple benefits, including enhanced bag presentation for packaging, reduced transportation costs, lower packaging costs, and improved production efficiency.