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        Enmin’s new Generate+ systems provide affordable automation solutions.

        Until now, adding automation to a production line could be an expensive exercise. But Enmin’s new Generate+ systems changes all that. It is a range of affordable ‘off the shelf’ modular systems that can slot easily into an existing production line, improving manufacturing efficiency and quality.

        “We recognised the industry demand for flexible, reliable, cost-effective automation solutions which is why we have developed our Generate+ range. These systems can blend, flavour and pack and be utilised by any food and ingredient manufacturer,” said Enmin’s General Manager, Anthony Gallaher.

        “Automation provides numerous benefits including cost savings through greater performance and line speed, reduced operator workload and reduced product waste,” he went on to say.

        The Generate+ range comprises of in-line blending, seasoning and packaging systems. Like all Enmin vibratory equipment, these three components are designed and manufactured in Australia and meet all Australian safety standards. They are constructed of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and have an IP66 rating, ensuring the systems can withstand high pressure washing.

        “Our new Generate+ In-Line blending system is designed to be operated as a ‘loss in weight’ system. Using universal hoppers, multiple ingredients can be added to any of the storage hoppers and the recipe function will still recognise the product and what end mix ratio is required,” Gallaher said.

        Minimal operator intervention is required at the start of the process when setting up the hopper. The operator can either choose a pre-loaded recipe and follow the screen direction for loading a specific ingredient into a pre- nominated hopper or, the recipe can be adjusted by the hopper and saved for future use. The system is designed to handle all three loading processes; hand loaded, bin tipped or via bulk bags.

        The entire system is controlled by Enmin’s recipe based ‘smart’ PLC control unit. Based on the recipe, the desired product weight is nominated and that weight will be dispensed over a desired time period to ensure the correct mix is obtained.

        The second component in the Generate+ range is the Seasoning system, which provides a gentle and accurate way of flavouring or seasoning a wide variety of dry snack foods.

        By understanding the volume of the base product, delivery of the seasoning or flavouring at a very controlled rate ensures product quality is maintained and manufactured within specification.

        The product passes through the seasoning drum and is coated at a controlled rate; the product is then delivered into either a bulk bin, bulk bag for offline repackaging or directly into the packaging system.

        “Our control system automatically adjusts based on the manufacturing line speed. The system can be used as an in-line system or receive product from WIP and still maintain the same level of accuracy,” said Gallaher.

        The final piece of equipment in the Generate+ range is the Packaging system. Enmin has long recognised the need for an affordable, hygienic and safe Australian built packaging system to meet the demands of high-speed machines.

        “Our new Generate+ packaging system can seamlessly integrate an existing multi-head weigher, vertical form fill seal, or pouch packaging machine into our materials handling system,” Gallaher said.

        The system uses the revolutionary full wash-down Mi-CON elevating conveyor which, like the operator platform, can be delivered flat packed if required for easy shipment and installation.

        “One of the key benefits of these new modular systems is that they eliminate equipment redundancy. They can be easily added to, extended and modified in the years ahead as a company’s production needs evolve,” Mr Gallaher said.

        “These new affordable systems will empower small, medium and large food processors to take the next step and automate some or all of their production line. This in turn will provide multiple benefits including significantly improved manufacturing efficiency and reduced labour costs,” Gallaher concluded.