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        Enmin’s Industrial vibrators ensure bulk materials and profits keep flowing

        Ensuring smooth, unrestricted flow of materials in any bulk handling situation is crucial for maximising productivity and cost efficiency.

        However, issues such as compaction, bridging and rat-holing can arise when normally free flowing products have been stored for long periods of time. The solution for this is often as simple as shaking the product loose.

        Manually tapping hoppers and other storage containers with rubber mallets or other devices can be unsafe, time consuming and inefficient, which is why Enmin offers a cost-effective alternative with its range of Industrial vibrators.

        Based in Melbourne, Enmin is an Australian market leader in the areas of standard and non-standard materials handling systems and applications.

        Enmin’s customised range of Industrial vibrators suit any industry that handles bulk material. The range is specifically designed to suit Australia’s environment and covers a multitude of applications such as mining, quarrying, food processing and agriculture.

        “By de-compacting materials, Industrial vibrators improve the flow of product and reduce workload whilst improving workplace safety,” said Enmin General Manager, Anthony Gallaher.

        Enmin stock an extensive range of both pneumatic and electric industrial vibrators for hopper agitation and unloading.

        In most instances, Industrial vibrators are installed externally. This requires minimal modification to the hopper as they are attached via a weld-on mounting assembly. If there is a gate or door, the vibrator can be automatically activated whenever it is opened, meaning no more production interruptions to free up the material.

        Because there are no internal modifications to the structure required, installation is completed in a matter of hours.

        Individual hoppers can vary in size, shape and the material it holds, which can make it difficult to fix flow issues with a generic solution.

        To counter this, Enmin can modify existing plant drawings to show the exact positioning of the vibrator according to a customer’s needs; particularly useful if a customer’s plant is in a remote location.

        “We are one of the few companies that can offer the complete package; not only the vibrator but also the mounting plate and the pneumatic control system, the tubes and the fittings. Quite simply we offer a complete one-stop solution,” said Mr Gallaher.

        Enmin has a full range of air and ball vibrators that come with quick release air fittings and mufflers. In addition to this, Enmin also stock FDA approved acetal plastic turbine vibrators for food applications and ‘Steel-lite’ coated piston vibrators for added protection in harsh environments – a feature most competitors don’t offer!

        “In workplaces where noise is an issue Enmin has a range of non-impacting and air cushioned vibrators. Where noise is not an issue Enmin can supply vibrators that offer a big punch! And for companies that need to minimise air consumption, Enmin has a range of air efficient vibrators,” Mr Gallaher went on to say.

        Whilst hoppers are a key market for vibrators, Industrial vibrators will aid material flow in other parts of the bulk handing process such as industrial chutes and pipes. Enmin vibrators have the capability to withstand harsh conditions and are available with an array of force, frequency and power options to fit most chutes and pipe applications.

        Industrial vibrators can also be used for settling and packing materials in drums, containers, packages, moulds and forms for optimisation of container space and cost reduction.

        Like all Enmin equipment, the Industrial vibrators are designed and manufactured to provide excellent reliability and outstanding durability providing they are correctly maintained.

        “It is important to ensure the air supplying a vibrator is clean, dry and regulated. Once every 12 months we recommend removing the vibrator
        and disassembling and cleaning the internal components. By performing regular preventative maintenance and depending upon the environment it’s located in, an Industrial vibrator can last for up to 25 years.”

        “There is a perception that industrial vibrators are costly products, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Mr Gallaher said. Prices for our Industrial vibrators range from $250 to $2,500 depending on the size and application. When you factor in the immediate improvement in productivity, the return on investment is quickly achieved,” he added.

        “With over 40 years of experience in the application of Industrial Vibrators throughout Australia, Enmin has unparalleled expertise in providing a solution for any bulk material flow problem,” Mr Gallaher summed up.

        In addition to Industrial vibrators Enmin is a market leader in the design and manufacture of vibratory and product handling equipment for the food industry, producing an extensive range of equipment for numerous food and pet food products. Their list of customers includes most leading food industry manufacturers.