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        Enmin’s extensive range of controllers suitable for all types and brands of vibratory equipment

        Electromagnetic drives, both linear and rotary, are commonly used throughout the materials handling industry for accurate metering or orientation of bulk ingredients and parts. Any piece of electromagnetic vibratory equipment has at its heart a controller. Whilst compact in size, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the intensity of vibration can be adjusted to maintain control and flow of the product.

        Enmin’s range of controllers are available to suit all electrical requirements and include both manual and automatic models. These range from basic standard controllers to multi-function models that tune to accurate frequency bands enabling high speed filling coupled with pinpoint accuracy. The controllers are available in differing enclosures or as standalone for incorporation into central panels.

        With some 25 circuits available, Enmin’s range of electronic controllers will support most applications where electromagnetic vibratory feeders and devices are employed. Standard circuits will accommodate electromagnetic vibratory feeders up to 10 amps draw and can be used on any single-phase circuit.

        “Like all our equipment our controllers are manufactured to the highest standards using state-of-the-art electronics. They can be used on any type of linear or circular vibratory feeder and are designed to conform to ISO 9001, IQNET and CSQ standards. Their performance and reliability have been proven over many years of use,” said Enmin General Manager, Anthony Gallaher.

        One of the other advantages of Enmin controllers is that they are also compatible for use on a vast array of other suppliers’ equipment including electromagnetic bowl feeders, linear drives and bin vibrators.

        “We have years of experience in this area and are able to provide the right advice on the best controller for the application. This is crucial to ensure that the vibratory equipment performs at its optimum level and provides years of trouble free service,” said Mr Gallaher.

        “There are many pieces of non-branded equipment brought in from overseas and people are often at a loss when it comes to replacing the controller as the equipment is not locally manufactured. This is where our knowledge and expertise comes into play to ensure that the right controller is specified,” Mr Gallaher went on to say.

        “No matter what type or what brand of vibratory equipment you have we are confident we will have a controller to suit. We also keep a large amount of stock so we can quickly supply to anywhere in Australia,” Mr Gallaher summed up.

        Enmin’s extensive range of product handling and vibratory equipment includes the revolutionary Mi-CON modular conveyor – the first ever hygienically designed full wash down system to offer multiple standardised components – plus an extensive range of hopper feeders and screeners, spiral conveyors, conditioning conveyors and more.