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        Enmin supply Teflon drives to Canadian snack manufacturer Inno Foods.

        Canadian based Inno Foods position themselves as the ‘The Feel Good Snack Company’ by virtue of their range of snacks that are made from only natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives – snacks which Inno Foods say can be enjoyed guilt free! Their extensive range includes organic, vegan and grain and gluten free products.

        The original bakery, Parks Breads ‘n’ Buns, was opened in the city of Coquitlam, British Columbia in 1991 before evolving into Inno Foods. The brand was launched into Costco Canada in 2016 followed by Costco USA in 2017. In 2021 the Inno Foods e-commerce site was launched with exclusive snacks introduced for their online customers.

        Today the company has around 400 team members and is expanding and marketing its delicious treats around the world.

        Enmin was initially contacted by Inno Foods due to problems they were experiencing with their current drives in obtaining a satisfactory flow rate. Enmin are the only company manufacturing electromagnetic drives in Australia. The drives offer a unique handling method for controlling the flow of product, parts and bulk materials.

        Products can be screened, sized, or accurately metered to ensure a smooth, uniform and fully variable flow.

        Whilst Enmin’s standard electromagnetic drives would have certainly solved Inno Foods’ flow issue, the company’s new Teflon coated drives held additional appeal due to their superior durability in a washdown environment.

        The Teflon is fully FDA approved; its 40 micron surface coating means that it does not suffer from the chipping that can occur on painted models making it ideal for use on mobile equipment.

        “For harsh cleaning and washdown environments within the food and confectionery industry our new Teflon coated drives are the perfect solution. The Teflon coating provides greater cathodic protection thereby eliminating surface rust,” said Enmin Group Sales Manager, Harley Over.

        “Given Inno Foods operate in such a washdown environment, the Teflon drives were perfect for their needs. Plus of course we knew our drives could solve the flow issues they were experiencing,” Mr Over added.

        “We have always strived to build reliable, durable equipment that can cope with the toughest environments. Our drives are no exception and with minimal moving parts provide years of trouble-free operation. They require next to no on-going maintenance and, best of all, low energy consumption, ensuring a reliable, low-cost method of product handling,” Mr Over said.

        “The new Teflon coating takes the longevity of the drives to another level. Best of all, the cost over a standard painted drive is negligible and as such we expect many other food and confectionery manufacturers to choose this option when ordering new drives,” he added.

        Inno Foods have ordered an initial batch of Teflon drives with the likelihood of additional orders in the future.

        “The fact that a Canadian manufacturer has contacted us to provide a solution to their drive issues, is testament to the quality and reputation our products have in the marketplace. We look forward to further orders from overseas companies during the next few years,” Mr Over concluded.