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        Enmin innovation in Elevating Spiral Conveyors

        Buying Australian manufactured capital equipment has always offered many benefits to Australian food & allied processors.  However, when the equipment isn’t manufactured in Australia, companies are forced to source it off shore, making it a more costly and risky investment in many ways.

        The launch of Enmin’s new Elevating Spiral Conveyor fills this hole in the Australian market that has until now been filled by offshore imports.

        This exciting Australian made range of equipment fulfils the need for conveying products and raw materials vertically to higher levels or conversely, down to near ground level.

        Enmin’s Elevating Spiral Conveyors have a comparably small foot print and their ease of cleaning along with almost maintenance free operation ensures they are suitable for a large variety of food production environments.

        Issues with the traditional methods of elevating materials and products are well recognized so for those companies seeking Australian made innovation, Enmin have the answer with their new Elevating Spiral Conveyors.

        The limitations associated with conveying material up an incline have now been overcome by utilizing the powerful acceleration of vibratory motors combined with a specially engineered spiral flight path.  The result is the positive movement of material within the spiral, taking product from the in-feed point to the elevated discharge.

        The profile of the spiral ensures no spillage during the transportation process and the totally sealed welding procedure prevents raw materials from accumulating in the spiral.  The open design also permits easy visual inspection and cleaning when changing ingredients and product.

        Enmin’s Elevating Spiral Conveyor has no crushing points or exposed rotating parts. This creates a very safe method of conveying whilst keeping noise to a low level.

        With all contact surfaces constructed from stainless steel, the Elevating Spiral Conveyor is engineered to handle a wide range of tonnages and a large array of dry materials and products.  Elevations of up to 7 meters are available and the compact vibratory drive arrangement can be either base or overhead mounted.

        Electronic controls are easily integrated with adjacent systems and the mechanical installation of the Elevating Spiral Conveyor involves simply bolting it down once in position.

        Specializing in Vibratory Equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries, Enmin also manufacture Accumulation Hopper Feeders and Cross Feeders, providing the full system when required.

        Capital investment costs are ever present, so that’s where being locally designed and manufactured to application, provides a far greater competitive advantage and huge benefits to the customer.  Allowing a close working relationship from design through to installation, guaranteeing a far more cost-effective capital outlay and alternative to expensive overseas imports.

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