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        Enmin Hopper Feeders optimise food production process

        When the accurate delivery of product is required or a controlled method of introducing a secondary product onto a production line, Enmin electromagnetic vibratory hopper feeders provide a proven reliable solution.

        These robust, yet compact units hold bulk dry food products and ingredients and consistently deliver the product at a metered rate. The hopper has a manual gate on the front that controls the product bed depth, and the controller speed adjustment provides very specific product rate accuracy.

        The Hopper Feeder is suitable for a variety of food production facility needs. Designed for mobility and to take up minimal floor space, it can be used as a stand-alone unit or as part of an integrated-modular turnkey system. The Hopper Feeder significantly reduces manual handling and food wastage by hygienically storing and accurately delivering product to a secondary process.

        Designed and built in Australia, Enmin’s Electromagnetic Hopper Feeder range can be customised to meet customer specifications, require minimal maintenance, and are built to withstand the demands of food production and handling. The units are fully constructed with 304 stainless steel, providing excellent durability and reliability.

        An example of Enmin’s custom design skills in this area is a recently built unit for one of Australia’s leading contract manufacturing and packing companies. The requirement was for a unit that would accommodate two position dosing of dry ingredients into a cup filling line using twin vibratory feeders. This company has been purchasing equipment from Enmin for over 25 years.

        One of the requirements was to enable production line staff to access the hopper easily and safely. To facilitate this, Enmin designed a mobile unit with retractable operator steps. When not required these steps can be folded out of the way quickly and with very little effort thanks to pressurised struts on each side.

        Another feature of this unit is that the controls are integrated within the existing master control system for simple line integration. The unit features Enmin’s proven LD3 electromagnetic drive in conjunction with a multi-function controller that tunes to accurate frequency bands, enabling high speed filling coupled with pinpoint accuracy.

        All of Enmin’s electromagnetic drives offer low maintenance combined with minimal power consumption.

        “Coming up with custom designed engineering solutions to solve a customer’s particular issue is something that we excel at and why so many of our customers return to us time and time again,” Enmin General Manager, Anthony Gallaher said.

        “Our compact electromagnetic hopper feeders are engineered to optimise a company’s food production processes. Our ability to custom design units to customers’ exact specifications ensures that production efficiencies and staff productivity is maximised,” Mr Gallaher summed up.

        Enmin’s extensive range of product handling and vibratory equipment includes the revolutionary Mi-CON modular conveyor – the first ever hygienically designed full wash down system to offer multiple standardised components – plus an extensive range of hopper feeders and screeners, spiral conveyors, conditioning conveyors and more.