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        Enmin electromagnetic drives ideal for myriad of different industries

        Enmin’s range of electromagnetic drives (EMA drives) offer a unique handling method for controlling the flow of product, parts and bulk materials. Products can be screened, sized, or accurately metered to ensure a smooth, uniform and fully variable flow.

        Enmin’s EMA drives utilise the power of electromagnetic energy to generate a vibratory force to the conveying tray of the vibratory feeder providing stability, control and precise accuracy in the delivery of product to a secondary process. The cyclic operation is simply controlled from a range of electronic controllers that will vary the feeding rate in a manner to suit the specific application.

        Enmin’s extensive range of models and tray configurations will convey a vast range of different sized products and ingredients and are suitable for basic to complex applications.

        Enmin’s drives are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with minimal moving parts, next to no on-going maintenance and best of all, low energy consumption, ensuring a reliable, low cost method of product handling.

        “All Enmin drives are designed and constructed to meet the rigorous requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries such as maximum hygiene, ease of cleaning and continuous 24/7 operation,” said Enmin General Manager, Anthony Gallaher.

        The drives maintain constant flow into elevating and belt conveyors, multi-head weigh scales, filling and seasoning applications. The conveying-by-vibration method provides smooth product transfer without degradation.

        “We are the only company manufacturing electromagnetic drives in Australia and our many years in application experience will ensure the right drive is nominated for the tray requirements and process,” Mr Gallaher added.

        “In addition to the food industry, virtually any industry that handles dry bulk material, processed products or parts can employ the use of an EMA drive. Our drives have been successfully utilised in the metals, ceramics, chemical and plastics industries in an extensive array of applications,” Mr Gallaher said.

        As with their EMA drives, most of Enmin’s product range is designed and manufactured in Australia. This allows for individual design and customisation, expert local advice, consistency of supply and outstanding back-up and support.

        “As part of our ongoing product development and response to customer requests, new products are being developed that utilise our EMA drives. These include an electromagnetic bowl feeder range (EMA-BF) and a bin vibrator (EMA-BV),” Mr Gallaher went on to say.

        Enmin’s extensive range of product handling and vibratory equipment includes the revolutionary Mi-CON modular conveyor – the first ever hygienically designed full wash down system to offer multiple standardised components – plus an extensive range of hopper feeders and screeners, spiral conveyors, conditioning conveyors and more.