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Enmin Electromechanical Equipment uses the principle of utilising the out of balance force from twin motors to generate vibratory power. This simple and well proven design offers versatility and requires minimal maintenance.

Enmin electromechanical equipment is found in numerous applications from all aspects of the food industry to chemical, mining and quarrying, fertiliser and processing plants.

Using our specialised CAD modeling, Enmin engineers custom design equipment and ancillaries to meet the individual customer requirements and specifications.

Enmin Australian Made for over 40 Years

Electromechanical Applications

Product Metering & Conveying

Ideally suited for installations under hoppers, Enmin’s Electromechanical Feeder models will efficiently metre product to conveyor belts or subsequent processes. Conveyors of up to 5 metres can be accommodated as inspection conveyors or simply for delivering product from one station to another. The configuration can be totally enclosed using covers or in a tube for dust and contamination free handling.

Screening & Dewatering Units

Many applications require screening and removal of unwanted material. Incorporating a removable screen, the Vibratory Feeder is converted into a screening and feeding machine. Enmin’s range also includes purpose built dewatering units for applications such as dewatering in vegetable processing or where the application requires removal of excess moisture.

Material Consolidation

Enmin Vibratory Compaction Tables have numerous applications and are designed to consolidate material in a variety of enclosures from bulk bags to small satchels of soup or milk powder, right through to concrete products. Where weighing and compaction is needed the Compaction Table can easily be incorporated with an accurate weight system and can be designed to accommodate a large variety of product types.

The Benefits of using Enmin for your Electromechanical Feeder needs

  • Enmin has a range of standard designs that are customised to meet the customers specifications and objectives.
  • Our experienced Engineers use our specialised CAD modelling to design a product to meet your needs that will seamlessly integrate into your system.
  • Custom designed and manufactured here in Australia to suit the needs of your business.
    We’re on call throughout the design, build and installation process to ensure your needs and questions are always answered.
  • Our equipment requires minimal to no on-going maintenance and servicing. However, because we’re right here in Australia we’re on call for any after sales support, if it’s needed.
  • For over 40 years we’ve built equipment for almost all food products.  From fruit and salad, nuts, baked goods, chocolate and confectionary to pasta, chicken, meat and more.
  • Our equipment extends well beyond food, also offering economical solutions for pharmaceutical products, nuts & bolts, mining and quarrying, fertiliser and grains.