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Through years of product development, we have designed a range of superior electromagnetic vibratory feeder products that can be customised to seamlessly integrate into your system. And we are proud to say that our Electromagnetic Drives are the only Electromagnetic Drives manufactured here in Australia.

Enmin Australian Made for over 40 Years

Electromagnetic Applications

Enmin Vibratory Feeders offer a unique method of conveying all manner of products.

Screeners, Fines Removal & Scalping Feeders

Along with a dedicated range of equipment, Enmin can custom design equipment to meet your specific requirements when it comes to screening, scalping or fines removal.

Presentation, Alignment & Orientation Feeders

Where uniform product presentation, alignment or orientation is required for a secondary product, Enmin offers a range of feeders manufactured to meet your specifications to achieve efficiency objectives within the food handling and packaging production line.

Metering & Storage Hopper Feeders

Equipment designed to provide greater efficiencies with product storage and metering. When accurate delivery of product is required or a controlled method of introducing a secondary product onto a production line, Enmin Electromagnetic Vibratory Hopper Feeders provide a proven reliable solution.


 Benefits of using Enmin for your Electromagnetic Feeder needs

  • Enmin has a range of standard designs that are customised to meet the customers specifications and objectives.
  • Our Custom designed and manufactured here in Australia to suit the needs of your business and seamlessly integrate into existing systems.
  • We’re on call throughout the design, build and installation process to ensure your needs and questions are always answered.
  • Designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where hygiene is paramount and ease of cleaning is essential.
  • Our equipment requires minimal to no on-going maintenance and servicing.  However, because we’re right here in Australia we’re on call for any after sales support, if it’s needed.
  • For over 40 years we’ve built equipment for almost all food products.  From fruit and salad, nuts, baked goods, chocolate and confectionery to pasta, chicken, meat and more.
  • Our equipment extends well beyond food, also offering economical solutions for pharmaceutical products, nuts & bolts, mining and quarrying, fertiliser and grains.


Enmin Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders utilise the power of magnetic forces to generate energy to the conveying tray of the Vibratory Feeder. The cyclic operation is simply controlled from a range of electronic devices that will vary the feeding rate in a manner to suit the application.