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Industrial Vibrators
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Industrial Vibrators

With over 40 years of experience in the application of Industrial Vibrators throughout Australia, Enmin can justifiably claim to have unparalleled expertise in providing a solution for any material flow problem. Whatever the material flow problem, Enmin will get it right!

Industrial Vibrator Applications

Bin & Hopper Agitation/Unloading

Enmin stock a range of both pneumatic and electric industrial vibrators for bulk material and hopper agitation and unloading.

Improving Chute & Pipe Material Flow

Industrial vibrators will aid material flow in industrial chutes and pipes, with capabilities to withstand harsh conditions. Offering an array of force, frequency and power options to fit most chutes and pipe applications.

Bulk Material Consolidation and Packing

Industrial vibrators can be used for settling and packing materials in drums, containers, packages, moulds and forms for optimisation of container space and cost reduction.

Concrete & Quarry

An Enmin Truck Vibrator fitted to dump trucks and tippers will ensure bulk materials unload quickly by energising the load and breaking the friction between particles to prevent material compaction. Providing a number of important benefits including improved unloading speed and efficiency, reduced carry back, quicker delivery turnaround and less wear and maintenance on the vehicle.

Greater OH&S compliance is also achieved through improved driver safety and by eliminating the need for extreme elevation to dump a load.


With the growing incidence of truck tipping accidents in the transport industry as a result of load compaction and adhesion, an Enmin Truck Vibrator is the simple, cost effective solution to improve truck and driver safety.

Materials adhering to the truck tray can increase the risk of truck tipping. Fitting an Enmin Truck Vibrator requires lower tray elevation to dispense the load whilst the vibration breaks down material compaction and provides a more metered, controlled discharge flow and efficiency.

As well as being a cost effective alternative to body liners, an Enmin Truck vibrator significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination, particularly where grains and fertiliser are being transported. Over time body liners expand and overlap creating pockets where fugitive material can become entrapped, increasing the potential for material contamination.

Under normal operating conditions, an Enmin Truck Vibrator will outlast a tipper body and can be refitted to new equipment as required.

Enmin Industrial Vibrator Benefits

  • The Enmin range includes Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic vibrators designed to suit all environments.
  • We offer a wide range of vibration intensities and design types including air piston, pneumatic, turbine, ball, rotary electric. ¬†Allowing for flexibility in mounting angles, outputs, material loads and applications.
  • Our range of industrial vibrators are durable and constructed for continuous duty and maximum life.
  • We stock a full range here in Australia and can have product to you within days.
  • Our decades of experience in the industry ensures we’ll give you the right solution for your application every time because we provide solutions, not just products!
  • We can do a full on site audit if required and provide the right advice on what you need to improve your business with the assistance vibration technology.
  • Whatever the material flow problem, to get it right, get Enmin!