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Vibratory Equipment & Conveyors

        Electrical Control and Automation Services.

        We have extensive experience in providing electrical control and automation services for the food and allied industries.
        We carefully review your requirements and then tailor a solution to best match your specification and budget. Systems are designed with your future requirements in mind to provide flexible and expandable plants.
        As well as new build equipment, we can seamlessly integrate controls and automation to your new or existing production lines.

        Our capabilities.

        Project Management

        Our Project Management extends from initial concept right through to completion and staff training. Process commissioning and optimisation support is available to improve productivity and optimise your operating efficiency. We also provide part services working alongside your nominated staff or sub-contractors.

        We also offer:

        • Establishment and management of project timelines and budgets
        • Selection and supervision of installation contractors
        • Supervision of project implementation
        • Communication and reporting


        We work with you to understand your requirements and provide an independent assessment of the pathway to achieve a successful outcome.
        We consider, evaluate and recommend the optimal solution for your project to achieve the best outcome within your time and budget constraints.
        We define and manage the Tender Process to obtain the most capable and competitive suppliers.
        We oversee the project implementation to ensure that the project is implemented in accordance with the Master Design.

        System Design

        Our system design provides the most cost effective and flexible solution to your material handling line along with on-going maintenance and support.

        Design services include:

        • Documentation – function specifications system, hardware & software.
        • Power distribution and data network design and layout arrangements.
        • Control system hardware and design and specification including operator Interfaces
        • SCADA, HMI Hardware and Software Design – Stand Alone and Distributed.
        • Motion Control for simple process to complex multi axis applications.
        • IT System configuration including workstations, servers networkand application database design
        • Electrical Control and Power Distribution Enclosures
        • Electrical Field Wiring Design including Sensors and Actuators
        • Motion Control System Design
        • Safety integrated and stand alone solutions


        • Generation
        • Energy Consumption Control and Monitoring
        • Building Power Management, Load Shedding, Power Factor Correction

        Software Development

        • PLC Programming – Stand Alone, Distributed, Integration, Redundant, Safety Integrated.
        • Network Configuration and Integration.

        Project implementation

        Control System Software development for a wide range of system platforms including:

        • Rockwell
        • SIEMENS
        • SCHNEIDER.

        Configuration of Operator Control and Monitoring based on:

        • Stand Alone HMI or SCADA through to multi distributed systems using
        • Inductive Automation’s – Ignition
        • SIEMENS – WinCC
        • Rockwell – RSView
        • Schneider – Citect

        Machine Control

        Systems are designed and implemented with speed, efficiency and reliability in mind.
        We keep appraised of new technologies to ensure we provide cost effective solutions for complex machine operation; both for stand alone machines and production line integration.

        System Platforms:

        • SIEMENS
        • Rockwell – Allen Bradley
        • Schneider

        SCADA, HMI and Operator Controls

        • Operator Control and Monitoring Stations
        • SCADA: Stand Alone, Distributed Server-Client, Redundant Configurations


        Food and Beverage

        Our specialisation includes:

        • Recipe Based Systems
        • Batching / Blending Systems
        • Temperature Control
        • Production Line Integration
        • Conveying and Materials Handling

        Materials Handling

        Our specialisation includes:

        • Product Identification, 2D/3D Bar Codes, RFID, Vision Systems.
        • Track and Trace, Serialisation
        • Data Acquisition, Storage and Reporting
        • Automated Systems, Sorting, Stacking
        • Motion Control Applications


        We are experienced in the design and implementation of validated projects to satisfy TGA and FDA audit requirements for the project implementation and on-going production.
        Projects are implemented in accordance with Good Automated Manufacturing Practise (GAMP). Computer system validation following GAMP guidelines requires users and suppliers to work in concert so that responsibilities regarding the validation process are understood.
        For users, GAMP provides a documented assurance that a system is appropriate for the intended use before it goes “live.” Suppliers can use GAMP to test for avoidable defects in the supplied system to ensure quality product leaves the facility.