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        Chicken Pieces

        chicken pieces

        Solving a problem where floor space presents as an issue is easily addressed with Vibratory Spiral Elevators. This specific application involved frozen chicken pieces being delivered from an upper floor level and the requirement to present them to a final inspection and packaging conveyor on ground level. Bucket de-elevators or gravity systems were just not practical for hygienic and operational reasons.

        The Enmin Spiral Elevator accepts the chicken pieces into an upper collection area which delivers the product in a controlled manner into the de-elevating spirals. Here the chicken pieces are gently conveyed around the spiral to the discharge point at floor level and onto the inspection conveyor.

        Since the spiral elevator is an open construction and fully manufactured in stainless steel, cleaning is easily carried out.  Also maintenance is significantly reduced given there are no mechanical components.  Noise is also not an issue since the drive motors are well below industry requirements.

        Enmin Vibratory Spiral Elevators can be configured to be driven from the bottom or top of the unit and employed as elevating or de- elevating conveyors.  The compact floor space makes them an ideal solution to conveying product between floors and a  variety of items from food products to chemicals and plastics.

        Chicken Pieces