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Efficiently dumping stubborn cargo is a common problem for tipper operators worldwide, but companies in the US, UK and Australia have found a common solution with truck vibrators.

While there are a number of differences between the lorries in the UK and trucks in Australia, operators running tippers in both regions find they share similarities in how to deliver clingy and compacted loads of bulk materials safely and efficiently.

The common problem also has a common solution with the installation of a Cougar Truck Vibrator, distributed in Australia by Enmin Vibratory Equipment.

On the other side of the globe, the equipment is supplied to tipper operators in the UK and US through Illinois-based Martin Engineering, the manufacturers of the Cougar product.   One of their customers is Brian Humphries Haulage, which has its fleet of Schmitz Cargo bull three-axle tippers fitted with Cougars. Specialising in hauling household green waste, compost and agricultural crop cover, company owner, Brian Humphries, finds that the sticky materials have a tendency to remain in the tipper bodies, even at full extension.

They were finding that there would be 1,000kg or more of compost clinging to the dump body. Sudden stops would help loosen the load some, but with the trailer body so high in the air, there was always the risk of tipping over the truck or shearing the body mounting brackets.  So they would end up shoveling most of it out by hand.”

As well as improving dumping safety with the vibrators on his Worcestershire-based fleet, they cut 30 minutes per load from their delivery times. A short vibration cycle was an extremely effective way to break the surface tension and allow the load to slide out.

To prove this they tested the turnaround against a rival company to quantify the improvement. When moving compost along with another driver from a competing company, the real benefits became obvious because the competitors’ driver was still having to shovel out the remnants of each load. Brian Humphries Haulage was able to make the turnaround much faster and more efficiently, achieving an additional load that day to their competitors four.

Here in Australia, local tipper clients echo the UK hauler’s feedback on the vibration solution, noting these truck vibrators are becoming globally recognised as a common solution for this cross-continental concern.