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        Screening removal system

        “The Enmin system has exceeded our expectations” said Mr Colin Wilson. “We’re getting greater and more efficient production capacity with far less intervention. So the challenges that the fire placed on us have been at least been offset by the many benefits of the new system!”

        A leading specialty food importer and manufacturer, that distributes a large range of specialty products that include olives, nuts, fruits, beans, antipasti and more.

        Two years ago, their nut roasting room was destroyed by a fire, which of course was devastating however, provided the opportunity to build a more efficient multi-functional system.

        This gave Enmin the exciting opportunity to custom design and build new equipment to more efficiently service their needs and provide a turnkey solution.

        They already had the roaster, the multi-head weigher, VFFS, check weigher and metal detector.   They needed equipment designed and built to link these key components, creating a system that could bulk and mini pack, potentially at the same time with minimal interruption and maximum efficiency.

        The project was rolled out over 2 phases, putting together the jigsaw with the result culminating in a complete system.

        In this application the four key ingredients were all vibratory feeders in screening, storage, metering and delivery of product.

        Removing fines was the first objective, once the product left the fryer it was to be turned at right angles and conveyed the full width via an electromechanical vibratory feeder. The feeder has a screen section prior to discharging which removes a large portion of all undersized product which is collected underneath the feeder.

        The next requirement was to ensure accumulation could occur and the product could be buffered/stored in the process when necessary. This was required for in circumstances where there was a need to stop the system downstream for any reason, or when an alternative packaging format was required.

        The roaster couldn’t be turned off, so the ability to buffer the product was essential.

        Enmin decided to use an Electromagnetic hopper feeder with a diversion system. This enabled the product to be stored for a period of time so that when required the product could either be transferred to a bulk packing system or allowed to continue onwards to the high speed vertical packing end.

        At this point in the system it was necessary to be able to deliver the product to two bulk bags or two 25 kg boxes for filling.   A reversing vibratory feeder was the ideal solution. After the hopper feeder, we elevated the product and delivered it centrally into the feeder so that the operator could control which discharge point was ready to be filled.

        The key benefits of the Enmin system, was the ability to maximise production rates, ensure efficiency through minimal operator intervention and deliver a system that provided multiply packaging options without equipment interchange.