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        Sorting Machine.  The unit was designed and manufactured to receive a bulk supply of fresh baked muffins.   The  Enmin Muffin Collating Machine uses controlled vibration to feed and separate the muffins into ten (10) individual lanes employing a special gating arrangement incorporating pneumatic controls.

        Each lane of muffins is then fed to into the vertical depositor to present a continuous supply of product to the packaging station.   A common release gate automatically drops ten (10) muffins into the wrapping machine as the next cycle of product is processed.

        The machine’s built in controls automatically counts the muffins processed and in conjunction with sensors in the bulk receivable station, notifies the operator when supply is nearing its low point or of any malfunction in the system.

        Constructed in stainless steel the single column mount occupies the minimal foot print for installation and ease of cleaning around the machine.   Designed to meet the high HACCP standard for the food industry, the Enmin Muffin Collating Machine can be engineered to accept many similar products such as cookies or rice crackers, for example.