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        Frozen Meat

        A mechanical conveying system failed to satisfactorily process frozen meat pieces for presentation to an automated weighing and packaging facility in Victoria, so the company came to Enmin for a solution!

        Testing was conducted to determine the best form Vibratory Conveying for the process requirements, allowing Enmin engineers the ability to model a far more efficient product handling system that took into account the constraints in retro fitting in a confined area.

        The system accepts frozen meat from an external processing section and product is delivered in bulk into the Enmin System, where the frozen meat is initially screened to remove any undersized pieces.

        Interchangeable screen plates provide ease of changing for both cleaning and altering sizing specifications.  The product is then introduced into the first Vibratory Aligning Unit where the meat pieces are channeled into separate lanes.  Special deflectors ensure the product is directed into the dedicated lanes.  A third Vibratory Aligning Feeder accelerates the meat pieces in such a manner that a space is created between each piece to facilitate the counting and weighing process.  Constructed in a combination of hot dipped carbon steel and stainless steel, the entire Enmin Vibratory System was designed in a demountable arrangement to facilitate the installation into the existing location.

        Frozen Meat