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        Dried Fruit

        dried fruit

        Dried fruit arrives in packaging from 25 kg boxes to large containers as result of settlement and thus compaction the fruit needs to be separated to remove lumps before it can be processed or presented for further packaging. Using an Enmin EMS Vibratory Screening machine is an effective way of separating the fruit and automatically removing unwanted lumps or oversized fruit. By employing an EHF hopper feeder the dried fruit can be accepted in bulk before being metered onto the EMS vibratory screening machine.

        The initial process frees up a large percentage of fruit making the task of the screening operation more achievable.  Then the fruit is presented onto the deck of the EMS screening machine, where it is further separated by the powerful yet non damaging vibrating action.   The smaller separated pieces of dried fruit pass through the stages of screening where they are conveyed forward to the discharge section.  Those pieces that are not screened are also conveyed forward to a bias discharge barrier where they eventually are deviated into a reject section for collection.  The screening operation also acts as a security ensuring any foreign material gets rejected.

        Dried Fruit