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        Conveying snack biscuits from a cooling oven into designated tracks, penny stacking and then feeding into trays for the final packaging operation is a regular feature of Enmin Vibratory Equipment biscuit handling systems. From the cooling oven biscuits are delivered to a Vibratory Screening station where broken or small pieces are automatically removed. Next an alignment Vibratory Feeder channels the biscuits into six distinctive lanes in an end for end configuration. From here the biscuits are delivered to the special Vibratory Penny Stacking Feeder. Using controlled vibration the biscuits are caused to slip below each other into a vertical plane and then accumulated in columns.

        The biscuits are then turned into down depositors and using an electronically controlled release gating system the biscuits are released in constant waves into the packaging containers. From here they are conveyed to the ingredients station before final closure.

        This specific system saved the company six full time operators who were performing this task manually. The overall logistic control was integrated with the adjacent equipment to provide a free flow production facility. Enmin Vibratory Equipment has engineered a substantial number of similar systems for differing snack biscuit manufacturers.