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        Bridging the gap to Multi Head Weighing Machines

        Greater production demands within the packaging industry has led to the efficiency of the Multi Head Weigher increasing dramatically.Due to this, as well as the demand to handle a wide range of product types, the flow of product to the weigh head has never been more critical. Further, a much greater emphasis is also being placed on the hygienic aspect of equipment coupled with reliability and ease of maintenance.

        With its engineering ingenuity, Enmin’s Vibratory Cross Feeder bridges the gap. Vibratory equipment within the food and allied industries is well recognized as the most desirable approach to convey and meter products. As such, the Enmin Cross Feeder employs standard Enmin LD electromagnetic vibratory drives to convey product and accurately control feed rates.

        As Enmin LD electromagnetic drives are electronically controlled a variety of controllers are available that provide flexibility and the ability to achieve the optimal conveying output required.

        Hygiene, maintenance and reliability are high on the list for Food Processors, with hygiene of course critical when processing most food products. Like all Enmin equipment, their Vibratory Cross Feeder delivers in all three of these crucial areas.

        Investment costs are also ever present so Enmin ensures a close working relationship through the design, approval, manufacturing and installation process in order to guarantee the correct solution is delivered.

        Finally, as a supplier of equipment to customers Australia wide but also around the world, Enmin ensures that their equipment is able to be easily integrated into any production line without any operational glitch, endorsing the claim “To get it right, get Enmin”.

        Enmin Electromagnetic Vibratory Cross Feeders are only one of the many pieces of equipment for the Food Industry that Enmin manufactures.

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