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Vibratory Equipment & Conveyors

        Conveyors for all types of production lines and materials.

        Our conveyors are manufactured to comply with the strict requirements of HACCP and the stringent hygiene standards of the Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.
        The simplicity of the design results in ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance.

        The robust construction guarantees outstanding reliability and durability.
        Our extensive conveyor range includes the revolutionary Mi-CON and an extensive range of accumulating, take away, spiral and conditioning conveyors for just about any type of production line.


        Mi-CON. The conveyor system that will grow with you.

        Enmin’s Modular Incline Conveyor System (Mi-CON) is the first full wash down system to offer standardised components.
        Mi-CON is the only conveyor system on the market that can be delivered flat packed in a box, allowing fast and cost effective delivery and simple installation by your own maintenance team. It can also be delivered to you partially complete or fully complete for quicker installation and commissioning.
        Mi-CON eliminates equipment redundancy and expands with your business.
        It can be added to, extended and modified in the years ahead, as your production requirements evolve.
        Fully Australian made, the Mi-CON system is constructed of 304 stainless steel and all components and running gear used is FDA approved and suitable for a full wash-down environment.

        Belt options.

        The Mi-CON system can utilise either a PU belt or plastic modular depending on the application. Our standard PU belt comes with 75 mm scooped cleats and wave wall sides. Please consult our team of professionals for additional belt options.