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About Enmin

Food & Beverage

Our key strengths are within the food and allied industries where we have developed a wealth of experience from years of design and manufacture of electromagnetic and electromechanical vibratory and product handling equipment for some of the biggest, to some of the smaller confectionery, snack foods, nuts, vegetable, bakery, frozen foods, and biscuit companies.

Our designs are developed to achieve our customer’s objectives and they are never disappointed.

Export & Other Industry

Our design and manufacture strengths extend well beyond food to many other industries that handle dry bulk material both here and overseas.  We produce equipment for many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), where our equipment is integrated into larger/full turn key system solutions and our Electromagnetic product is distributed through agents in a number of countries including New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand.  Equipment reliability is clearly paramount for production within any business and a key feature of Enmin Vibratory Equipment is that it’s built to last, virtually maintenance free and it’s reliability stands the test of time which is the reason many companies both domestically and internationally have had confidence in Enmin product for more than 40 years.

Industrial Vibrators

As well as the design and manufacture of Vibratory and Product Handling Equipment, Enmin pride ourselves as being the experts in vibration selling Australia’s largest range of truck and industrial vibrators.

Our extensive 40 plus years of experience in the industry ensures you’ll get the right advice and product to solve almost any material flow problem throughout a host of industries.  This long term experience is the key to being able to deliver accurate recommendations in the selection and application of industrial vibrators and flow aid devices.


CAD modelling is utilised for each and every Vibratory Feeder or Handling System that Enmin designs.  The projections ensure that you the customer can clearly see the finished result with no hidden surprises and the comfort in knowing the equipment will meet your expectations.


In house fabrication ensures we have complete control of the manufacturing process.  The superior quality of our equipment is something we pride ourselves in, along with our ability to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.  Our product meets the hygiene standards required for the food industry and HACCP standards.

Our reputation in providing superior equipment through engineering excellence has placed us at the forefront of industry standards.